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I'm So Mad
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Lynne Mom - 2010 

Okay, who am I to give parenting advice? I’m a mom of three healthy, happy grown children, a grandma, a child psychologist working with discouraged families, a former school psychologist and a prolific writer. My mission in the world is to use my training, my experiences and my practical nature to bring the best from the world of psychology on how to become loving people direct to your homes via my writings.

I’m a person of practical ideas about how to raise healthy, happy children. We all need sensible child-raising ideas during this explosion of technology where the narcissistic, exploitive media can pull children away from the values of a happy, grounded family. Today’s parents need tools and techniques to keep children away from becoming risky, sensation seeking behavior.

I stand for positive family-oriented values and interactions with your children. The greatest tools you can routinely apply are love, morality and reasonable consequences. I like the bible verse from Colossians 3:14 that says, “Most of all, let love guide your life.” It’s my guiding principle when I don’t know what to do. Along with this, I give practical solutions.

And I’m an optimistic person who has years and years of studying wisdom and how to create resilient, hardy children. I know the psychology research on parenting and creating a happy partnership where little ones and the teen versions of the little ones thrive and grow.

Lynne Namka, © 2011

Lynne Namka is a psychologist, mom, grandma therapists and author of Mad Family. Additional techinques can be found at

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