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Children and Teens Articles by Lynne Namka, Ed.D.

Today’s society reinforces anger and violence and children are attracted to models who take what is wanted by force and shirk responsibility for misbehavior. These angry times are setting the stage for more and more acting out in children. Old-fashioned values of respect, compassion and caring are falling by the wayside. Young people need skills that help them make intelligent choices and deal with the anger around them. Children can learn to reconnect with positive values of treating each other with respect and taking responsibility for their own behavior. Emphasis on social skills changes the school or community environment to positive ways of helping each other. Read the articles below learn more about helping children.  Bookmark this page to return frequently

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  • Help Children Change: What You Teach Today Factors into Kids Futures
    Young people can learn to reconnect with the positive values of treating each other with respect and taking responsibility for their own behavior. Social skill training focuses on developing reciprocal affective behavior between children. The climate changes to a positive way of thinking--“Let’s help each other and include everyone in our play groups ...
  • Information on Children's Behavior: What the Research Says!
    Research shows negative factors that contribute to children's behavior. The most common defenses identified were isolation, refusing to take responsibility for their actions, resistance to input from adults and idealization of negative role models. Incarcerated adolescents showed an actual boost of self esteem after engaging in aggressive behavior against peers and authorities! They used self-destructive and violent behavior to offset the feelings of shame inside. A big weight on children is family fighting and the fear of divorce. Moving is especially hard on shy children who are slow to make new friends...



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