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Anger Articles by Lynne Namka, Ed.D.

Anger is one emotion that people use to respond to threat, stressors or loss. It can be a real threat, stressor or loss or one that we make up in our mind. To be human is to be angry some of the time. It is important not to make anger bad. Anger like a hammer can be a tool for destruction or to build something. Read the articles below for help with anger issues. Bookmark this page to return frequently

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  • The Dynamics of Anger
    Some people erroneously believe that self righteous expression of anger is always healthy. A few years ago this was a common belief in the psychology field. Now the research shows that mere expression of hostility without problem solving only creates more hostility ...
  • The Upside of Anger: Setting Appropriate Boundries
    How do you know when you are engaging in generous behavior that is nonproductive for you and the other person? How do you know when you are engaging in co-dependent behavior ...
  • Who Is The Only Person In the World Who Can Make You Angry?
    There Is Only One Person On The Face Of This Earth That Has The Power To Make You Angry - That Person Is Yourself ...



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