Release destructive emotions

Are YOU ready? It's Time!

We get it. Life is hard. Today's chaotic times demand more from each of us than ever before. Everyone is stressed out and overwhelmed with family, Mad family fightingwork, relationships, finances and politics - it makes us want to crawl in a hole and hide.

On top of all those external things, we beat ourselves up internally every minute with negative emotions. You know the ones - those thoughts and feelings that talk smack inside your head all day long - about everybody and everything, but especially about yourself. It's no wonder people explode at family members, self medicate with addictions, hate their jobs and are constantly ill.

But what if we told you that
it doesn't have to be that way.

The happy people at declare that it is, well, TIME TO LOVE YOURSELF. Instead of carrying around the yucky stuff, it's time to release negative emotions and beliefs, family patterns and unhealthy behaviors. It's been a long road of carrying the enormous weight of hurts and anger in your head and in your body.

Just imagine what it would feel like to be free
of those heavy issues, those self-hating thoughts
and self-inflicting actions.

Can you imagine it? To us, it looks like freedom, happiness and peacefulness. It feels like love and acceptance - of yourself and others in your world. Imagine truly loving the person you see if the mirror everyday!

Self acceptance is important

Time To Love Yourself features great products to help with anger management, fear, anxiety, resentment, self esteem, codependency and other destructive feelings in adults and children.

Explore our website for books by anger release expert, Lynne Namka and other leading self help authors. Browse through articles and weekly blogs to increase your knowledge about how the mind and body deal with the stuff that weighs you down. Looking for a little peace in your day ~ check out "The Ahhh Zone" for videos and tunes to help you calm yourself.

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Now, give yourself a big hug and take a step forward
toward a new balanced life!!!


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